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Is Your Child Sick?™
150 Articles Written by Dr. Barton Schmitt
(Also Available in Spanish!)


This online symptom checker contains articles that are updated and peer reviewed annually by pediatricians around the country. Parents have expressed a high level of satisfaction with this content and doctors have told us that parents have chosen their practice because this medical information was on their pediatric website.

    AAP Patient Education Articles
    Includes 13 Categories with 398 articles + Bright Future Handouts


    • What is Pediatric Patient Education?

      Pediatric Patient Education is your trusted source when patients and parents look to you for expert advice for and about kids. From well-care checkups to vaccination support to acute care follow-up, Pediatric Patient Education provides the information necessary to help your patients and parents understand their unique needs. Built specifically to address the needs of the pediatric patient, this comprehensive library provides access to hundreds of articles—most topics in English and Spanish, all in easy-to-read languages.

      Topics Include:

      Adolescents and school aged children
      Newborns infants and toddlers
      Common illnesses and conditions
      Substance abuse issues
      Behavioral and psychosocial issues
      Nutrition and fitness
      Growth and development
      Allergies & AsthmaNutrition and fitness
      Growth and development
      Allergies & Asthma Immunization information
      Safety and prevention
      And More!


  • Medical Library
    Additional 268 articles written by Pediatricians 

  • Topics Include:

Is Your Child Sick?

Select from over 600 medical articles.


Medical Library

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