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When patients or parents need help after hours, the person they connect with becomes a direct extension (and reflection) of your practice. RemedyOnCall offers several options to help you feel confident in offering professional, compassionate care around the clock.  Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large multi-specialty clinic, our proprietary After Hours software has a robust rules engine that allows remarkable customization to adapt to your daily workflow.


- Customizable-Choose times that are best for you and your               practice.
- Button only displays for the set times, when your office is closed.
- Reduce costs paid to after hours services-$.95/text vs. pay/minute
- Enhances your value as continuous reliable support for your patients
- Establishes a one click connection in todays mobile driven world

Medical Answering Service with Live Agents

RemedyOnCall revolutionizes patient-to-provider communication and reduces agent error, all at a lower cost than traditional medical answering services.  Practice administrators can pre-insert and update provider preferences so agents are moved efficiently and expertly through each call. Our system was designed by physicians who understand the specific needs of patients and providers and includes added benefits such as:
  • Newborn Plus
  • Hospital Rounding Roster
  • Med Dial

Page My Doctor

Our revolutionary digital answering service, PageMyDoctor, allows your patients to page your on-call provider simply and quickly from your web or mobile app. This digital service limits costly live agent minutes and could save you up to 50% on each after-hours page. In combination with content on your medical website, practitioners who use this service often report a decrease in the number of phone calls they receive after hours.

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